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Our daunting challenge in support of their Dad

Selina & my brother Morgan and Dermot are taking on a bit of a daunting challenge!

In picture: Selina and Ger Walpole volunteer and board member

On Sept 6th & 7th we are taking on the challenge of the inaugural Wild Myeloma Way cycle taking us through 198km of Galway & Mayo to raise money for Ireland’s only charitable organization focused exclusively on supporting Multiple Myeloma patients, families & carers.

Back in 2012, our Dad Tom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a condition none of us were familiar with. Under the care of the Haematology & Oncology staff in Galway University Hospital & Sligo Regional Hospital he underwent aggressive chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. This type of treatment was revolutionary only a few short years ago and now thanks to research funded by charitable organizations etc this treatment is now standard practice.

Over the years, Dad has continued to be monitored by his team & they continue to research & develop treatments and support patients & families just like ours.

Now it’s our turn to support their fantastic work. Neither of us are what you would call experienced cyclists! The cycle route will be tough at times. Training will be tough to juggle with young families to look after & businesses to run. But we will focus on how tough the jobs of these teams are & how tough the road the patients travel is & use a bit of our Dads toughness to keep the pedals turning.

Any donations to get us up and down those Galway & Mayo hills will be greatly received. Thank you

Morgan & Selina

To donate to Mogan and Selinas challenge please visit https://www.multiplemyelomaireland.org/fundraising-events/selinas

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