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an international online survey to determine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on caregivers and patients with myeloma and precancerous conditions such as MGUS and MBL.

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I am newly diagnosed

A diagnosis of myeloma can affect everyone differently. To begin with, most people have not heard of myeloma before receiving their diagnosis. This can make an already difficult situation all the more confusing and scary.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a huge shock, even if your doctors have prepared you for this possibility. Patients and their families can feel overwhelmed, numb and can also experience a great deal of fear, anger and frustration. For other patients it comes as a relief that they finally have an answer to why they have felt so poorly for so long. All these feelings are common and are a natural part of coming to terms with a diagnosis.

There are several immediate questions you may have. The following resources and services may help to support you in the first few weeks and months, and beyond:

Infopack for newly diagnosed patients

This Pack focuses on what you need to know following your diagnosis and provides some practical tips for the weeks and months ahead. Your family members and friends may also find it useful to read.


Additional Myeloma Resources/Links


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