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Facts and figures

Myeloma, also known as multiple myeloma, is a cancer arising from plasma cells, a type of cell made in the bone marrow that forms part of your immune system

Unlike many other cancers, myeloma does not exist as a lump or tumour

The most common symptoms of myeloma include bone pain, recurring infection, kidney damage and fatigue. Not everyone will experience all or any of these

There are approximately 4,800 people diagnosed with myeloma every year in the UK. It is the second most common form of bone marrow cancer, but only represents 1% of all cancers

The causes of myeloma are not fully understood but it is thought to be caused by an interaction of both genetic and environmental factors

Myeloma is a very individual cancer, both in terms of what symptoms and complications patients can have and in the way they respond to treatment

Myeloma is a relapsing-remitting cancer. This means there are periods when the myeloma is causing symptoms and needs to be treated, followed by periods of stable disease where the myeloma does not cause symptoms and does not require treatment

Treatment for myeloma is most effective when two or more drugs with different but complementary mechanisms of action are given in combination

Other treatment will also be prescribed to help prevent or manage potential side-effects of treatment combinations and treat the symptoms and complications of myeloma

Improvements made to treatment over the last decade has meant that survival rates in myeloma are increasing at the fastest rate among all cancer types in the Ireland.


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